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FemiNazi Much? — October 25, 2015

FemiNazi Much?

African in International Affairs

By: Jessica Naa Ahiney Boifio and Jeanne-Barbara Esinam Debre

All over the world, there has been an increase in the number of women who have taken up positions in either in the boardroom or in parliament, thanks to the quota system. Africa certainly is in the thick of it. Rwanda has women taking up 51 out of 80 seats in parliaments thanks to a legislative quota set making it the country with the largest percentage of women in parliament (64%). South Africa ranks 8th with 42% of women in parliament, and the Central Bank Governor being a woman as well. Liberia and Malawi have female presidents too. Nigeria has joined the fray by increasing its quota from 5% to 7% via mandatory quotas.http://econ.st/1pELwox

If you have no idea what quotas are well…http://bit.ly/1pELbCk

In Africa, women play a major role in all aspects of life, especially economically within…

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I have discovered why Ashesi students are so cool. —

I have discovered why Ashesi students are so cool.

This is the wording of everything that has been bouncing around in my head since my AIX experience. Thank you!

Akotowaa Ntontan

There are some people that make places cool. There are some places that make people cool. Ashesi, apparently, is/has both. Is that even fair?

In my head, there’s like, this group of the ‘cool Ghanaians’ and as my (former?) roommate, Owiredua will tell you, they al know each other. And we both want to be part of them. Should I start calling out names? Deborah Frempong, Paapa, Michael Annor, Jessica Boifio, Lauretta (the coolest ballet teacher in the world), Kobla (the creator of Oware 3D) etc… The list goes on. But what most – though certainly not all – of the names I have in mind have in common is Ashesi.

First theory: when you get accepted into Ashesi, they perform numerous strange juju rituals over your documents and then let you join the cult, making you automatically cool.

Second theory: the GMI (I just made that up. It stands…

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Goldfish Go Figure — September 27, 2015

Goldfish Go Figure

Akotowaa Ntontan

Zara’s mind was off the lesson about as often as it was on it. The teacher’s voice faded in and out of intelligibility. That didn’t make for a very effective understanding of the topic being taught. Somewhere in the midst of staring out the window and wondering if there were unicorns in Australia, she decided that perhaps paying attention would be a good idea if she wanted to get a decent grade in subsequent quizzes.

Human Behaviour. What a subject to teach in school. It had only been part of the curriculum for a complete academic year; this was its second. It had been a response to issues about the ineffectiveness of the school curriculum, since the complaints were that children were not learning enough things that were relevant to humans themselves. The syllabus had been designed by professional, practicing psychologists, whom, it had been rumoured, had been hard-pressed to…

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A Letter to the Younger Self of my Best Friend —

A Letter to the Younger Self of my Best Friend

Akotowaa Ntontan


It is 2050, and I am 32. I am writing you this letter while sitting underneath a mango tree in the Volta Region. There isn’t really anything particularly spectacular about what I am doing, but in 2014, I never would have envisioned myself doing it. I never would have envisioned any event in 2030 in the first place, seeing as how I expected to die at age 27. Well, that’s a twisted version of the truth; I’d expected to have killed myself by any means possible by this time, actually.

Do you remember that discussion? It was a comment I passed on a somewhat random day, either before or between classes, at a time when I was particularly depressed for no particular reason. Of course you don’t remember – it hasn’t happened to you yet. What I said was, and I quote:

“I don’t want to live a life…

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Insecurity —


I don’t believe in happiness…I believe in fleeting moments of high adrenaline and heady excitement.
I don’t believe in equal love…I believe in one person loving the other till the point of death and receiving half a love in return – Because there is such a thing as love. I should know. It’s what been keeping my heart beating every day for years. God’s been good; very good.
I don’t believe in temporal promises…As someone wise once said, “Promises were meant to be broken”.
I don’t believe in friends…I believe in people who occasionally cause your adrenaline and excitement levels to spike.
And I know this is drifting off topic but…my biggest fear is being invisible. And sometimes I wonder…Am I that insecure that I cannot live through people seeing past me? The answer to that would be yes. I mean, think about it, I can’t even stand it when someone takes over three minutes to reply a text. It kills me (figuratively of course).
My insecurity – because I am, very much insecure – may come across as clinginess or to some; “ahoshing”. But it’s just one of those things that make me who I am. My insecurity and slight inferiority complex permeate every aspect of my life. They make me behave a certain way, think certain things and live a certain kind of life.
My insecurities make me me. So sorry if I don’t live up to the “standards” you’ve set for yourself and those around you. And sorry if I don’t fall in your category of “acceptable” people. I wish I could say I didn’t give a flying fuck what you think of me. Truth is…I do. But I guess that’s just me. If you looked you would see.

Who Are You… — September 13, 2015

Who Are You…

“Every child is an artist. The problem is staying an artist when you grow up.”

-Pablo Picasso

I am an artist. An artist isn’t just someone who draws or paints. An artist is anyone who is able to expand and stretch and explore the very limits and boundaries of their creative abilities. I may not draw or sculpt or paint but if there is one thing I can do, it’s to write.                                                                                                                             Now why write?

“I write because every single thought of mine is poetry. And poetry deserves to be written down; to run off the tongue and be lived by the masses.”


Poetry is beauty. Poetry is life. Poetry is art. Poetry CANNOT be faked. Poetry CANNOT be forced. Poetry is something and everything. Poetry is the little things and the big things. Poetry is the whisper of wind and the sound of traffic. Poetry is seeing – not just with your eyes- with your very heart and soul. Poetry is feeling. Poetry is exuberance and eccentricity and everything in between.

I write because the pen IS mightier than the sword. I write because just as my words heal me they also touch others; inspire them to aspire for greater things. I write because writing is art and art is facilitated by creativity and creativity is a prerequisite to innovation.

And so in the end, writing makes me an innovator; helps me add a little something to the world i’m in. Writing is the road i’m taking to reach my purpose. Writing is an integral part of who i am. What i want to ask is…who are you?

The Fault In Our Stars — May 17, 2015

The Fault In Our Stars

The fault in our stars..

“The fault then, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves, that we are underlings.’

That’s from Julius Caesar, in case you didn’t realize.

The fault is NOT in our stars. A typical Ghanaian will attribute a sad event to superstition aka the witches and wizards in his family. A typical American will attribute it to bad luck. Oh please…But nobody stops to think about that bad decision they made that led to the sad event. The poor drunkard father who is lamenting the fact that his rich daughter no longer wants to see him and is blaming it on witches and wizards forgets that, once, in a drunken haze, he slapped her and told her she would never amount to anything. The woman whose business has collapsed and is blaming it n bad luck forgets that she was rude to one of the drivers of her supplies without knowing that he was the only son of her main supplier.

The fault is NOT in stars…but in OURSELVES!!! We decide who we want to become. We can either make or break our future. There is nothing you cannot do if you put your mind to it. And there is nothing you cannot fail if you leave it to the stars. Don’t let a couple of shining balls of gas decide who you will be.

Pave your destiny….

Prove you’re not an underling…


Living_Ink — April 30, 2015



I loved writing horror stories…But i stopped writing them a few days after I found an old rusty pen amongst my collection.I loved the way the ink emanated placidly, leaving no blotches on the paper.

It all happened when i began working on my third story with my new pen…. It was about this man, home alone and murdered on a rainy night. The assailant was viscious and clumsy. I just loved my characters. This was my third creation. A Piper.

My lights went out as rain poured down my roof..I felt weird.I felt as if what i was writing was really happening.. A weird mixture of de-ja-vu and fear.

I was uncomfortable, so i went to sleep.

I heard a flute being played and jerked awake. Someone was sitting on my chest. I could tell he was smiling cause his teeth shone in the dark. I switched on my phone…

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Chef Legroski —

Chef Legroski


As a chef, I loved creating fancy meals for myself. Those who have tried my dishes have claimed that they taste like they came from fancy restaurants around the world. Thats because I only use the finest ingredients when i cook all my meals. However each dinner requires alot of special ingredients. I like to harvest the meat myself. Nothing is more sattisfying to me than hearing screams of anguish and torment as i plunge the knife through the skin and into the soft tender muscle underneath. I slowly slice through the bleeding, succulent flesh. Thinking about what kind of dish i would prepare with it. I am careful to grab only as much as i need making sure to save some for tomorrow night, but sometimes i cant help.myself and i take a little too much……Ah! Yes! Another world class meal! Bon Apetit!

Oh…I’m sorry. Did you want to…

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Skyfall — April 29, 2015


Even if the sky is falling
I’ll never let you go
Even when the wind is howling
You’ll be my forever more
Whenever you start to fall
My arms’ll be wide open
Whenever you feel lonely
I’ll be right next to you
And if your heart is breaking
I’ll be your super glue
And if you feel like leaving
I’ll hold you tight and love you
I’ll be your Romeo
And you’ll be my Juliet
Or better still you’ll be
The Beatrice to my Benedick
Because all of me
Loves all of you
And whenever you need me
I’ll be there for you
And no matter how far
Or where you may be
I’ll just close my eyes
And you’re in my dreams
And when the sun sets
At the end of the day
I’ll be there with arms spread
Waiting for you too jump in
Even if the sky is falling