Even if the sky is falling
I’ll never let you go
Even when the wind is howling
You’ll be my forever more
Whenever you start to fall
My arms’ll be wide open
Whenever you feel lonely
I’ll be right next to you
And if your heart is breaking
I’ll be your super glue
And if you feel like leaving
I’ll hold you tight and love you
I’ll be your Romeo
And you’ll be my Juliet
Or better still you’ll be
The Beatrice to my Benedick
Because all of me
Loves all of you
And whenever you need me
I’ll be there for you
And no matter how far
Or where you may be
I’ll just close my eyes
And you’re in my dreams
And when the sun sets
At the end of the day
I’ll be there with arms spread
Waiting for you too jump in
Even if the sky is falling