Hold back the sunrise

Let the night last forever

Because when the night’s over

You’ll leave…

You’ll go back to the other woman

The one with the ring on her finger

The one who walked down the altar

The one who doesn’t know

That you have another lover

To her, I’m the other woman

The reason her husband sneaks out at night

I’m the reason she wakes up to an empty bed

The reason her husband doesn’t touch her

The reason he doesn’t care

To her, I’m a phantom that haunts her

I’m not tangible, no way to be certain if I’m real

To her, I’m the most selfish woman in the world

And hell, it may be true

But to me, she’s everything I wish for

And everything I can never be

She’s the epitome of my fantasies

A woman of substance, a woman of worth

She has everything

Why then should she deny me my little pleasures?

So I’ll keep you

Till the sky turns pink

Till the sun’s first rays shine upon our tangled bodies

I’ll hold you

Till your cellphone beeps

Till it’s time for you to leave

Till it’s time for you to go back

To the arms of your other woman